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"Awakened spiritual consciousness beholds a continual flow of energy between the Cosmos, the Sun, and the Earth. This energy comprises cosmic light, life, and love. Ultimately, Divine Love is the source of all existence. Through the harmonious rhythms and sacred geometry of the cosmic and sacred dances, we are able to align in heart and mind, body and soul, with the creative forces of the cosmos—the Divine Love and Supreme Consciousness that pervade all existence."

~Robert Powell, Founder of Choreocosmic Dance

Harmonious rhythm in mind, body, soul!

Our whole world and universe is in constant motion. The laws of physics tell us this due to gravitational pull and electromagnetic forces. Those of us that move meditatively know that this is due to cosmic spirit – the force of love moving in perfect cosmic harmony and rhythm.  This creative life spirit births, ensouls and sustains the All of life.  From the tiniest seed on earth to every single star in the sky, this spirit-filled force empowers and gifts the entire universe with the secrets of existence. When we dance according to the principles of this cosmic harmony, we tap into this divine rhythm in an expanded consciousness and awareness. This harmonizes our inner being; reconnects and strengthens our soul; and brings pure joy and wonder to our heart!


Each month, we will explore the way the way the corresponding zodiac (according to sidereal astrology) moves in the heavens. Each constellation speaks and sings their unique radiant wisdom to us.  When we choose to mirror their sounds and gestures as a dance, we activate and potentize on earth their spirit filled language. We become vessels of this higher star wisdom, a true "heaven on earth" and "as above, so below" experience.

Every third Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Real World Ballroom Studios on Hawthorne Road.

Next class: January 17





Please register by 5 p.m. the Monday before class.

Pay at the door.

Classes can also scheduled by request. Cosmic Dance makes for a fun group class with friends! Birthdays are a wonderful time to dance your zodiac with others or as a private lesson, to deepen into the unique strengths and gifts of your constellation.  If the class is held in your birthday month, you dance FREE!


To register for class or for more info on Cosmic Dance:

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                 Beth Bean                                                              336.408.9899

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