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Meditative Movement and Dance

Create awareness, joy, presence and peace!

 Innumerable cosmic secrets from the fount of the creative thoughts of the world are active within us and around us.  When we move in the same manner as these spiritual forces, we create harmony and balance in our body and soul and in the surrounding space. 

With continued practice, these movements can ease stress, tension, and anxiety out of the body and silence the "over thinking" mind. Many also report improved circulation, digestion and sleep 

and an increase in overall health and vitality. 


Repetition is key. The movements are simple and natural and can be done at home once learned. Over time, you can cultivate a stronger spatial and kinesthetic awareness and find a deeper connection

to the spiritual archetypes in the supersensible world.


We move 45 minutes of slow, meditative movement; rest a few minutes,

then reconvene for an enlivening and community building "cosmic dance" that is fun,

invigorating and joy-filled (and imprinted with living forces!)


10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Mary Alice Warren Community Center, Lewisville

Room #125, Vienna


Please email Beth for further information or to register.     

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes or non slip socks.

No mat is needed.  No experience necessary.

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