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A Healing Prayer

We speak: O Mother, in the depths of your dark mysteries lives your powerful healing energy. You are a vast Being capable of miracles. We carry doubt, confusion, and fear in our lives, which causes great suffering. Illness weakens our bodies and minds and our hearts cry out in our hour of need. We bow our heads and hope our prayers will be answered for ourselves, our loved ones, and for all suffering people in the world. We seek your miraculous healing powers. O Mother heal us. She speaks: Receive my consecration and blessing, bestowing upon you a Vision—one that is vast, courageous and clear—to light your path of Healing. Remember healing occurs when one has endless gratitude for the precious life that has been given- just as it is, with all its abundant joys, and also its trials of loss and pain. You are traversing a lonely path. Others may never understand your pain, and you may never understand another’s. How can this be resolved? How will you be made whole? Human beings have to undertake inner work, asking difficult questions and engaging in dialogues that may deliver hard answers but may also deliver solace. Superficial measures no longer suffice. Deep, inward surgery is part of becoming conscious and responsible for those actions you have taken against others and yourself. Forgive forever, with eyes wide open. This is the path of Healing.

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