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Love in motion

"You do not realize just how rich and full your life can become, but on one condition: that you learn to open yourself up, to give, to become more fraternal, and more generous. Why do you always wait for others to take the first step, to greet you and to smile at you? Do not wait any longer. It is now up to you to project ever more light and love, to perfume the atmosphere around you with your emanations. Then, even the stones on the road will quiver as you pass by, and all who approach you will sense a mysterious vibration communicated to them. Humans are capable of anima

ting and spiritualizing matter, and not just the matter of their own cells, but the whole of nature around them, even the stones. And they will succeed the day they learn how to tear particles of light and love from their heart and soul."

~Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The vibrational scale of consciousness teaches us that (e)motions equal energy in motion. Energy vibrates at a certain frequency. The law of vibration activates the law of attraction and through the laws of karma we also attract what we send out by the emotions we hold in our body. We must learn - most importantly - to feel and spread love above all else!

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