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Love Will Be the Organizing Principle of the New Culture

A student asked the Master, “How will the New Culture be organized?” The Master answered:

At present a human order exists in the world. However, this order will be destroyed. From the way in which people have worked in the past and how they work today, the world cannot be improved.

Someone will say that God has created some people to be masters, others, servants, some rich, others, poor. This is a misconception. This world and this order in which some go hungry while others eat lavishly has not been created by God. Others will say, “Why does God allow all this wickedness, all this social injustice, to exist in the world?” All this is done by people, but they blame God.

The Scripture’s verse, “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made,”[25] refers to the Eternal, the Great Works in the world. But the temporal, transitory things are not of God. Everything that man does of his own will is not from God.

Some cite the Scripture which states that all authority is given by God.[26] In this verse, something has been omitted. It should read: All righteous authority is given by God, and all righteous authority is based on the Law of Love.

Modern culture is being put to the test. The culture that is built on sand is not stable. People do not know how to live, how to eat. They do not know how to build their homes, and so on. What can you expect of such a world? And yet, everything will be transformed. The New Teaching provides the right methods as to how the future society should be structured.

Those cultures that have been based on power have perished.

The Teaching that I bring to you has been tested. Within it, the basic methods are hidden that show people how to live. I am bringing to you that Divine Teaching upon which the future order will be based. This Teaching is upheld by the Law of Living Nature. When the right time comes, the caterpillars will say, “For so long now, we have been eating and drinking; we need nothing more.

We will leave the leaves for the others.” They will cocoon themselves. From out of the cocoon, the butterfly flies into the wide world and begins to feed off the sweet nectar of flowers. When will the world improve? When all of the caterpillars transform into butterflies. Society's problems can be resolved in a very simple way. They will be resolved when the new consciousness enters into people.

You may say that all people want a new order. This is well, I agree with you. But what will happen if you have a new order, but your nature—your shortcomings—is preserved? It is easy to destroy the old, but what can be attained with your negative character? How would you benefit if you tear down your old home, but cannot build a new one? Nature does not permit this: she destroys and builds simultaneously.

The moment, in which you err, you are in darkness. People’s tragedy is that they desire to do things in the darkness.

It is not the external conditions that create hardship for people, but the internal. God created this world with all the right conditions for human existence. Everything that one desires is provided for. That is to say, with regards to the external conditions, everything is favorable, but the internal conditions are missing: the new consciousness, for example, is missing. The cause of this lies hidden within the spiritual realm. Your mind and heart need to pass from their present state into a higher one.

Some seek to bring organization to people. The world has order. Every person whose consciousness is awakened belongs to the World of Order. However, this world whose consciousness has not been awakened has yet to begin to prepare itself to enter into the World of Order.

People of today would like to build, to re-organize, first the whole of humankind, then society. After that they would reorganize the home and finally the individual. However, this way is not correct. I will give you the following explanation. Take the most prominent musicians who have completed their education in music; they have mastered their art. With them, you can put together any kind of orchestra that you wish. Within 10 to 15 minutes, or a half an hour at most, you will see that you have the best orchestra with the best

performers. Why? It is because each one of them knows the score perfectly. But should you bring together people who have no knowledge of music and try to set up an orchestra with them, even if ten of the best conductors come to conduct them, nothing will come of it. People seek a material improvement in the order. But a spiritual improvement needs to take place as well. Someone will say, “For the world to be a better place, a material improvement is necessary.” Make an experiment and you will see.

What kind of consciousness am I speaking of? People should set Love as the foundation of Life, and through Love, create the new consciousness.

The suffering of people of today is greater than it was at the time of Christ. The resolution of the most difficult problems will come through Love. Love will come in a real, living form and will sweep away everything old.

The nations of modern Europe exist in the phase of destruction. They do not apply the Teaching of Christ, but the teachings of a distant past. War is a remnant of the most ancient beliefs. This is the old culture that is appearing in new forms.

My basic idea is as follows: all social problems should be resolved through Love. How are we to resolve the social problem of injustice? We need to replace the absence of Love with Love. Love resolves all contradictions—mental, emotional, and social.

Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of the Good The Last Words of the Master

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