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Rest of Nature

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”

~ Chinese Proverb

The inner feeling we all have to move forward and grow is a gift we are all given. Our ancestors had a tendency to focus on the negative in an effort to be prepared, so they could conquer what dangers came their way. This was a survival skill with evolutionary value considering the harshness of the times, compared to the ease we live in in our modern world of today. That hyper focus on the negative is of no value now. Yes, we need to be aware of what is and isn't working in our lives and in our world so we can participate in the great work of recreating ourselves and our outer circumstances. But we still can be overly focused on all that is perceived to be "wrong" - within ourselves and in our world. And sometimes overly so when it comes to our own spiritual growth and progress. We can feel like we are not changing and growing as quickly as we wish. But the feeling we have inside to keep moving forward is a light-filled compass that will lead us toward our destiny. Each minuscule step we make takes us a little further down the path of where we aim to go. Think of the impulse of will it takes for that tiny bud to burst through the hard soil at the right time. That doesn't happen overnight. Time lapse photography shows us, quite surprisingly, that plants don't always grow forward. They rest and even shrink down backwards in between bursts of "growth."

The turn of seasons, especially Winter to Spring, is an ideal time to reflect upon what you planted in the winter, especially during the Holy Nights. What was seeded? It is now beginning to burst forth with life! Trust the messages you are receiving and take action as your awareness begins to unfold, like that little flower whose leaves are suddenly popping up from the cold dark earth and spreading out. Happiness, trust, peace and joy will come from being in love with this unfolding - one's life, one's destiny. Allow the great light of truth that shines eternally to show you how you have participated in creation. Cultivate devotion and reverence for whatever that light shines into your awareness. The joy, the sorrow, the darkness, the fear, the losses, the gifts - they are all there as a part of each of us and they can open our hearts to Love and shake our Will to right action. Nature itself bears witness to this.

“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.”

~Helen Keller

You have most likely heard the phrase "Nature Deficit Disorder", a description for children in particular who don't spend enough time in nature (among the reasons: "the proliferation of electronic communications; poor urban planning and disappearing open space; increased street traffic; diminished importance of the natural world in public and private education; and parental fear magnified by news and entertainment media.") This phrase was coined by Richard Louv and it has become an international movement to connect children to "rest of nature". This phrase rest OF nature speaks volumes to me. Resting of and resting in are two very different activities. In this resting of we can learn to know and trust our own souls and how – united with nature – we too expand and contract, awaken and sleep, grow and rest, in perfect, divine timing.

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