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The Traveler of Dreams

The night was dark, drowning in rain, This moonless night, lost in rain, A wild night, dark, wet and freezing. All the elements of nature groaned strangely, Lightning and thunderbolts, all the world was shaking. Outside in the garden, in the yard, a wild north wind was blowing, With such fury it seemed as though it was trying To uproot the cypress tree at one go And to burn and freeze every variety of flower. It was a moonless night, lost in rain, A wild night, dark, wet and freezing. And I, in my hut, where the light was dim. In front of the icon of Him, the Christ, the flame trembled. I gazed dumbly at the door, which every gust of the north wind Buffeted, and my heart was heavy. Should I be expecting anyone at this wild hour... Who, I wondered, would be coming through this terrible storm? Truly, whom did I await, to run and open the door With my frozen hands? Suddenly, like a flash of lightning he came to me And the hut was filled with warmth and light. He looked at me with love and smiled. He caressed my head and kissed me on the eyes. My limbs lost their numbness, my heart lightened. And I felt such warmth, to the innermost depths of my Soul. And he, always near, always smiling Gazed at me lovingly and spoke sweetly. I said to him: Who are you, who came so suddenly, in this unexpected rain ? My brain is of no help in telling. I think I know you... you are very much like Christ. That you came, I warmly thank you. He replied: I am your Angel, Your guardian and protector, eternally your own. I said: Where have you been, when I was in pain, when my heart was bleeding, and I was struggling? For so long, where were you? And He replied: I am your Angel, my love, I am your Guardian Angel. Yours in eternity; guarding and protecting you... and always loving you. I spoke to you softly. I bound up your wounds, I measured your tears. I was always within you. When you came in pain so was I. You were always drunk with earthly things, a traveler of dreams, losing your way in the trackless infinite. Ever running, never stopping... What, then, were you seeking? These things whirl around, in huge masses like mountains. The Powers dressed you with earth, with salt and water, And you slept deeply in earth, for so long. Dressed in earth, you were sleeping and dreaming... In vain your friends tried hard to give you their hands. You collected dirt and called it your own. You collected it, you amassed it and your suffering began. You are obsessed with your own dirt, with glory and wealth. Your false identity was reduced to an exceedingly sorry state. You were piling up mud in tons beyond measure And you thought you were building the house of your dreams. Like Circe, the muddy matter made you a prisoner. But inside you, you forgot that there was a candle burning. The immortal Spirit, your true Ego. You were covered in dirt... you were not yourself. On earth, in the mud, are the shadows of those who love you. Those whom you loved and who have betrayed you, Those who have wounded you with unfair and bitter words, Those who struck you harshly and painfully And those whom you love for their goodness, All of them are human, human like you, beloved spirits. They are all travelers of dreams, just like you... In reality they are gods, beloved Spirit-Ego-Beings. Now, my beloved one, you should forget the mud, the earthly and get some rest. Earthly things, human things have made them dizzy too. They have forgotten their Being and they have been obsessed. Look ahead and find your path, you will be at peace. He stretched out his hand and said: Come, let us go ... I said: Let us go? Where to? To the Kingdom of Christ, that is where I invite you. There, where one learns to love, where everyone is loved. You will see unfading flowers, multicoloured and fresh. Within the inextinguishable light you once possessed. There is living joy, there is living love. It is the joy of the Lord, the end of our road. I said to him: Do I have to leave, to forget those whom I love? And live alone in the light and the joy? He said to me: With those you have loved and will love, With those you love now, with all of them you will be living. Here, on earth, in the dirt, are only shadows, muddy shells; Souls are somewhere else. They are Souls, you are a Soul, everyone will be accompanying you. They will join you in the light of Paradise. He said to me: I am your Angel, guardian and protector. I am always within you, for all eternity yours. In the mud on earth, in the darkness, error and pain, I was always within you, I have never left you. I was always within you. You are awake and you are God. Do you think I would leave you to live by yourself? You are god and so am I. And both of us are light, life and love, honesty and purity. Within the embrace of God, till the end of time. You and I, everyone of our brothers, All loved the same, home is the Prodigal Son, Who returned and crossed the threshold of God's house, Each of you 'was lost and is found' (Luke 15:24).
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