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Personal Testimonials

Image by Linus Nylund

"Working with Beth is an investment that pays for itself many times over. I’ve been going to her for several years now and she’s guided me through some of the darkest moments of my life. She’s helped me transform the dark into beautiful spiritual growth where I’m able to find the light again. She’s also helped me find greater joy and celebration in being myself and enjoying the present moment. I can honestly say that without her support and compassion, I’m not sure where I’d be today. I highly recommend Beth’s services without hesitation." – Holly S.

"It’s amazing to me how much better I felt after just one session with Beth. Her commitment to creating a comfortable and safe environment along with her knowledge of sacred dimension allowed me to express my feelings easily. She offered tools to help me deal with my cancer diagnosis. She is kind, caring, and genuine." – Nancy D.

"The healing sequence you taught us yesterday was powerful. So I started my week this morning doing it - was glad I had your great notes! I loved how much it engaged the feeling realm and I look forward to working with it regularly. Thank you for the beautiful teachings. I loved the workshop!" – NJC

"Beth's Meditative Movement class offers inspiration, grace, and an awakening of inner healing and peace. It's also just plain fun! The movements are fluid and easy. Her guidance is centering and uplifting. Beth has created a lovely, welcoming atmosphere of warmth, calm, and joy. I really enjoy it." – Rebecca. R.

"How do you do that? How does your singing sound like it is coming from all over the room? I am in awe. Absolutely beautiful." – Jean B.

"Beth's teachings and spirit are so lovely. She gently shares her wisdom and experience like a friend, not a teacher who is more evolved. Her space is always welcoming and there is a great feeling of comfort. You will leave feeling enriched and maybe giggling. Beth is hilarious!" – Cheryl W.

"The singing was other worldly. I honestly couldn't tell where the sound was coming from or who's voice was who's. It was a beautiful blessing of hamrony, healing, and peace. Thank you." – Sue M.

"The meditative movements were calming and peaceful. They created a feeling of inner peace and love which helped me know that worry and fretfulness are not necessary in life. I recommend this work if you are searching for peace, wisdom, beauty and the more eternal things in life". – Ann F.

"I felt instantly that I was in a sacred space. There is a remembering - a return, remembering the beauty, peace, and love living inside us all the time." – Nancy G.

"The singing was so sweet. My whole being is quiet and peaceful and I feel all the beautiful rich, soft, loving harmony of your compassion, love and caring voices wafting within me. And the songs you chose were just for me, whether you knew it or not. I was mesmerized by the connection and richness of your voices as one. So strong and soft at the same time. Thank you."  – Mary A.

"It is a joy to be released through sacred movement! We get so earth bound. Moving sacred gestures gives me a glimpse into what God has created." – Catherine R.

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