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Sacred Song Bath

Rest in the Harmonies of the Universe

  • 30 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • Summit Street|Lewisville

Service Description

It has been said that singing predates the spoken word. Mythical creation stories tell of the cosmos being sung into existence through a heavenly chorus of vibrational tones and harmonies that brought life and love to Earth. With the awareness that singing can still be a bridge between the world of spirit and the material world, Sacred Heart Healing offers the power of voice and heart through song. Relax in a centuries old hand-built cabin in Lewisville, NC while two to three voices sing in perfect harmony for your healing, comfort and relaxation. Or choose to be sung to in my private healing space at Summit Holistic Healing in Winston-Salem. Our songs are songs of compassion and kindness, sung quietly and gently. Song Baths are a wonderful gift for a loved one. Private homes or other locations may be accommodated upon request. Travel fees may apply depending on location. "The Song Bath experience~ Prepare to have your senses serenaded and your soul transported to realms of blissful tranquility! The sound bath experience transcends the ordinary, whisking you away on a symphonic journey of harmonic vibrations. Each resonating note gently caresses your being, dissolving stress and tension like waves upon a shore. Immerse yourself in a sonic oasis where every sound is a brushstroke painting the canvas of your consciousness with hues of profound relaxation. It's not just a sound bath; it's a transcendental voyage to inner peace and renewal!" – Meredith Roels, The Wellness Collective, Lewisville, NC Email or call Beth: | 336.408.9899 to schedule a session.

Contact Details

  • Summit Holistic Healing, Summit Street, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

  • Lewisville, NC, USA

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