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Soothing the Soul with

Sacred Movement | Sacred Touch | Sacred Song   

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Passion for the Higher Self

Step on the path of self-discovery and free yourself from debilitating thoughts and feelings that keep you from creating the change you seek. The path of knowledge as a soul and spirit being is as individual as we are and must be carved by us, as individuals, one step at a time. But it is based on spiritual truths that are universal to us all.


At Sacred Heart Healing, we help you discover these universal truths (which live within you) through soothing movement, touch, song and conversation.  

Image by Silviu Zidaru

Learn how to unite the individual  with the spiritual.


Sacred Heart Healing Founder and Facilitator Beth Bean


Deep reflection, transparency, sincerity, and most of all freedom are the hallmarks of success when working with me one on one. Sessions are held in person in a centuries old hand-built cabin, tucked away in nature and seclusion.

As your healing companion, I help you recognize thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; and worries, fears and doubts that define and control your present situation.

You have a choice at every moment to grow towards the person you want to become, or to stay the person you have always been. This sacred, inner journey leads to where the Love, Truth and Beauty of who you really are awaits your discovery. I am here for you when you are ready to take those first steps.

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