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An artistic, creative environment is where I have always felt the most "me." I loved all arts as a child, majored in Theatre Arts in college, and thrived when I was performing, singing, and creating something new or transforming something old.  As confident as I was in these endeavors, inside I felt lost and disconnected. I spent decades of my life anxious and fearful.

It wasn't until I began studying Eurythmy, an artistic, social and therapeutic movement form that means "harmonious rhythm,” that I realized the arts would be my pathway to healing. This movement completely changed (harmonized!) the way I thought and felt about myself and the world at large, as it revealed to me forces that lived within me. I am so convinced that Eurythmy can help anyway who struggles with chronic pain, depression, anxiety or stress that I share it with all who are willing to learn and practice it.


As an Ordained Minister, I also offer Holy Listening; Sacred Prayer Circles, Workshops, and Drama; and Song Baths for healing and comfort at the many thresholds of life. My most beautiful artistic endeavor, by far, is my four children and four grandchildren, who are the light of my life!


                 Beth Bean                                                              336.408.9899

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