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An artistic, creative environment is where I have always felt the most "me." I loved all arts as a child, majored in Theatre Arts in college, and thrived when I was singing and creating something new or transforming something old.  As confident as I was in these endeavors, inside I felt lost and disconnected. I spent decades of my life anxious and fearful.


Many years ago I began studying Eurythmy, an artistic movement that means "harmonious rhythm," introduced in the early 1900s by Rudolf Steiner; and Choreocosmic Dance,  a dance of the gestures and sounds of the planets and stars from the modern teachings of Robert Powell.  These offerings quickly became my spiritual path to healing. Continued practice helped me to ground with faith, certainty and trust in life's unfolding; while an awakened awareness of spirit-filled life beyond the physical became perceivable. I can say without hesitation that this form of movement has considerably transformed the way I think and feel about myself, others and the world at large, and it continues to change me, each time I participate in its dance of life. 

In 2016 I started a small acapella choir that sings harmonious songs of healing and celebration. Music is a big part of my life and a great comfort in times of distress  – and live music, sung from the heart with others, even more so! When we sing together (or are sung to), our vibration raises and we touch into emotional and spiritual planes of transformation with every cell of our being.


We are ALL artists  – spiritual artists –  painting the canvas of creation with our very being.  We can completely transform all we no longer wish to be, if we are willing to look at our innermost Self; examining our thoughts and feelings and how they contribute to our day to day choices.  The angels are waiting to assist us in this great work of shining the Christ light from the end of time into every present moment. I hope you will FEEL this truth, and feel a sense of renewed strength, freedom, and levity when we together.


My most rewarding "artistic endeavor" by far is being a Mama; a Wife; and "Bebe" to my three (soon to be four!) grandchildren.  Please contact me  for further information on any offerings.


                 Beth Bean                                                              336.408.9899

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